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Efficiency meets comfort: Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat!

SMART thermostat installation

We can supply and install the latest SMART thermostats like Hive or Google Nest, allowing you to control your heating from your smartphone, saving time and money.

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“Responded to my initial contact email for a boiler service very quickly, appointment was set and job sorted swiftly. Great communication, friendly and professional service – highly recommend!”

Frequently Asked Questions

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A smart thermostat is a device that enables remote control and management of your home’s heating and cooling system using your smartphone or other connected devices. It offers advanced features and automation capabilities to enhance comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats use sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and algorithms to monitor and adjust the temperature in your home. They learn your preferences over time and can automatically adapt to your schedule, optimize energy usage, and provide personalized temperature control.

Yes, a smart thermostat can help save money on energy bills. By optimizing heating and cooling schedules and adjusting temperature settings based on occupancy and weather conditions, it can reduce wasted energy and improve efficiency. Some studies have shown that using a smart thermostat can lead to significant energy savings over time.